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Tech House Hits came from 90-00s R'n'B


In the ever-evolving landscape of music production, one timeless technique continues to reign supreme – sampling. Among the myriad genres that have embraced this practice, Tech House stands out as a prime example of how borrowing from the past can propel contemporary tracks to new heights. In this exploration, we delve into the symbiotic relationship between Tech House and 90s-00s R&B/Hip-Hop tunes, elucidating how the use of samples from these eras continues to captivate listeners and spawn chart-topping hits.
The Enduring Allure of Sampling:

Sampling, the art of taking snippets of existing recordings and incorporating them into new compositions, has been a cornerstone of music production since its inception. From the early days of hip-hop, where DJs would loop breakbeats and vocal hooks, to the present era of electronic dance music, sampling remains a potent tool for innovation. Its allure lies in the ability to evoke nostalgia, tap into collective memory, and infuse tracks with a sense of familiarity that resonates deeply with audiences.

Tech House: Past and Present

Tech House, a genre that fuses elements of techno and house music, thrives on innovation while paying homage to its roots. Central to its evolution is the seamless integration of samples sourced from diverse musical realms, with 90s-00s R&B/Hip-Hop emerging as a particularly fertile source of inspiration. By recontextualizing iconic hooks, vocal chops, and instrumental loops from these eras, Tech House producers breathe new life into familiar sounds, creating tracks that bridge the gap between past and present.

Did Diplo invent it all?

Diplo and SIDEPIECE's "On My Mind" cleverly remixes the R&B vocals from 702's "Steelo," injecting a fresh energy into the tech house scene. This fusion of catchy hip-hop vocals with pulsating tech house beats has sparked a renewed interest in the genre, captivating audiences worldwide. With its infectious groove and nostalgic elements, "On My Mind" has become a standout track, showcasing the potential for blending diverse musical styles within electronic dance music.

."On My Mind" inspired a wave of producers to blend tech house with R'n'B sounds This trend has since swept through the electronic music scene, with artists worldwide crafting similiar tech house tunes.

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