This pack includes a full project for Ableton Live / FL Studio, MIDIs, samples & presets.

Ableton Live & FL Studio Project

David Guetta & MORTEN - Solar (Remake)

Introducing the sensational David Guetta & MORTEN - Solar (Remake) [Ableton / FL Studio Project] by Soundlabs! This cutting-edge music production package is a must-have for aspiring music producers and electronic music enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and designed to elevate your music-making experience, this comprehensive bundle offers a complete glimpse into the world of Ableton Live or FL Studio, MIDI composition, sample manipulation, and state-of-the-art sound design.

Key Features:

Full Ableton Live / FL Studio Project: Dive deep into the art of music production with a fully-fledged Ableton Session or FLP Studio meticulously crafted to recreate the iconic "Solar" track by David Guetta and MORTEN. Unlock the secrets behind their unique sound and production techniques, offering invaluable insights and inspiration.

MIDI Magic: Elevate your creative process with a treasure trove of MIDI files, allowing you to deconstruct, remix, and personalize the track's musical elements. Harness the power of MIDI to make your music production dreams a reality.

Sample Selection: Immerse yourself in the world of sound with an array of professionally selected samples that have been expertly curated to help you shape your own musical journey. These samples provide the foundation for creating memorable tracks that captivate your audience.

Presets for Days: Harness the power of cutting-edge presets for popular software synthesizers like Serum, enabling you to sculpt sounds that align with the future rave genre, just like David Guetta and MORTEN. Explore the possibilities of sound design to craft your own signature sound.

David Guetta & MORTEN Vibes: This package is designed for electronic music producers. Capture the essence of Future Rave and infuse it into your own creations with this detailed template, MIDI files, samples, and presets.

  • Ableton Live 11.0.6 or higher or FL Studio 20.8 or higher.
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 3;
  • FabFilter Saturn 2;
  • The Glue;
  • Valhalla Room;
  • Kickstart 2;
  • Serum;
  • ОТТ.

All midi included,
All presets included,
All mastering included.

Please note this is a remake and melodies elements are copyrighted to their respective owners. This project can only be used for educational purposes.

By purchasing this template you agree to the terms of PRODUCT LICENSE


Ableton Live 11.0.6 or higher or FL Studio 20.8 or higher.
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