The Future Rave Template, inspired by the signature sound of renowned DJs David Guetta and Morten, offers a meticulously crafted production blueprint for Ableton and FL Studio users.
Future Rave Template by Soundlabs is a dynamic template encapsulates the essence of Future Rave, a genre that seamlessly blends elements of modern trance and high-energy electronic music.

Designed to elevate your music production experience, this template provides a comprehensive framework, enabling aspiring producers to dissect and understand the intricacies of crafting Future Rave tracks. With precise arrangement, powerful synth design, and intricate drum programming, it serves as an invaluable learning tool for those seeking to master the art of this electrifying genre.

The template boasts a meticulously organized layout, making navigation and customization a breeze. Users will gain insights into expert-level sound design, arrangement techniques, and the art of sculpting evocative melodies and basslines characteristic of Future Rave. With carefully selected presets and effects chains, this template ensures an authentic and professional-grade production experience.

Whether you're a budding producer aiming to break into the Future Rave scene or a seasoned artist seeking to refine your sound, this template offers a unique opportunity to harness the production prowess of David Guetta and Morten. Elevate your tracks to new heights with this Future Rave Template, a definitive resource for those passionate about crafting cutting-edge electronic music.

  • Full Project for Ableton Live 10 Suite (or higher) or FL Studio 20.6.2. (or higher)

  • Plugins used in project:
- FabFilter Pro-Q 3;
- FabFilter Saturn 2;
- The Glue;
- Valhalla Room Reverb;
- Kickstart;
- Serum;
- ОТТ.

All midi included;
All presets included;
All samples included.

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